Let owners decide smoking

If I were a business owner and I wanted my customers to be allowed to smoke in my taxpaying business, and the door was closed except for customers to open it to come and go, then why shouldn’t I be able to choose what I want to do? If there is a sign on the door that says smokers are allowed, and you are of age, of sound mind and can read, then it is your choice to open that door and go inside.

Is there any common sense left in this country? If you don’t want to go in because of smokers, then don’t open the door and go in! If I don’t like a certain restaurant, then I don’t eat there.

We should be able to choose what we do as long as it doesn’t involve breaking the law, and I do not condone imposing a no-smoking ban behind closed doors on business owners who pay taxes, if it is not agreed upon by the owners themselves.

Belinda Ramirez




Wed, 01/17/2018 - 22:48

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