Patient data plan intrusive

Does anybody really believe the new federally
mandated electronic patient health data system is now being implemented to benefit humanity? Having others keep track of your medical records can have a real down side.


Your personal health information soon can become fodder for anyone willing to pay. Even the health-care industry recently stated, “It is not adequately prepared to protect patients from data breaches.”

The majority of health-care organizations plan to expand the purpose of the new system. It could track you to see if you are taking your medications, or note that you refused recommended vaccines. Nobody other than my immediate family should know this information.

The fact that doctors and hospitals are having their arms twisted to comply with this plan leads me to wonder if everyone’s guts have been surgically removed.

Maurine Meleck

North Augusta, S.C.


Sat, 08/19/2017 - 01:16

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