Remember to respect life

There is a gift called life – a sacred gift from God for us to protect, defend and safeguard from the culture of death. October has been designated as Respect Life Month for the good of all people.


This gift of life is from conception until natural death. It is comprehensive and all-inclusive of all stages of human development, and it is a moral obligation and challenge to be the stewards of this most cherished and priceless gift from God.

I do thank all pro-life people seeking to end abortion; contraception; and violence against the elderly, weak, vulnerable and innocent – safeguarding the rights to be born and live a good, productive life in society, and with the rights, privileges and responsibilities of caring for one another with love.

I keep praying that our society will place a high premium of the gift of life from God at all times as we honor, respect and value all human life from conception to natural death.

The Rev. Michael Lubinsky



(The writer is parochial vicar at the Church of the Most Holy Trinity in Augusta.)


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