Praise God for the First Amendment

Syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin rarely pulls her punches, but her Sept. 30 column “White House bully problem” did not quite reach the necessary level.


Without the “free speech” of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, her label of “bullying” would be “tyrannical” violence toward those who disagree.

While certainly “free speech” can be onerous and abused, it is a powerful protection against would-be tyrants. Moammar Gadhafi found himself up against the might of the West because of his abuses. An entire Egyptian revolution apparently was started over the free speech of the Internet! Now, our President Obama is limited by his exposure to the press.

“Limited” is what I indeed mean. This year in the United States, we have seen the face of tyranny in leftist antics only limited by a free press and the use of police to enforce law and order. In some states, we had the destruction of public property and interference in government function. We have had thugs interfere with political gatherings. And we have the Obama administration’s bullying tactics toward Ford driver Chris McDaniel and “pummeled companies such as Deere, Caterpillar, Verizon, and AT&T for speaking out against the cost implications and financial burdens of Obamacare,” and more, as Malkin discusses.

Now, imagine these incidents without a free press – for example, in Russia, Iran or Syria: severe financial penalties, state indictments, incarceration and worse. Make no mistake: There is no limit to the tyrannical nature of leftist ideas. Need I only mention Stalin, Hitler and Mao?

Americans need to be aware of where leftist ideas lead. Our present financial woes are symptomatic of this ideology’s destructive nature. It is not just a battle of right against left – it is a battle for life and amazing production from the right (based upon biblical principles), and death and incredible destruction from the left (man without God and the Bible).

Perhaps God has allowed the left to achieve some “success” as a warning. Will we heed it?



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