I just don't believe in Obama anymore

I always considered myself a Democrat until recently. Not a far-left Democrat, but one who’s more middle-of-the-road.


The older I get (some might say I’ve become wiser), the less I can figure out my party anymore. I never voted straight-ticket. I always voted for whom I thought would be the best candidate.

Now for the kicker.

I was excited that Barack Obama was elected. He had plenty of energy, seemed very intelligent and seemed to have some good ideas to help our country. The only problem is that he broke 95 percent of his campaign promises – maybe more. Now I won’t stand for that, and he has lost my vote in 2012.

His Obamacare is so riddled with inconsistencies that I don’t think there is a person on the planet who actually understands it.

Also there’s the wasting of money on things that don’t matter. Meanwhile, many folks are out of work, and I can’t believe the executive and legislative branches of government are getting absolutely nothing done for ordinary Americans.

It’s time to make the federal government as small as possible and make sure they know to stay out of our lives. I say let each state run its government to the best of its ability.

I’m pro-life, anti-gun and not very religious – but I am an American who is tired of the same old song and dance being played in Washington. I’m not so sure whom I’ll vote for next year, but you can bet it won’t be Obama.

I pulled for the man, told others to give him time and even stood up for him. Well, Mr. President, I’m sorry to say that I just don’t believe in you anymore.



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