Just stick by the quarterback you have

The Republican presidential nomination campaign is in full swing. That, and the wrangling, charges and countercharges in Washington, have made it difficult to keep track of what’s really going on.


So in the interests of clarity, let me attempt to put things in the perspective of something we here in the South know something about – football.

We know the quarterback is the key to a winning season. But what if a couple of the linemen liked the old quarterback better? They sometimes slip a block to show the quarterback he isn’t very good without them.

Two of the receivers are ticked off because they think he is not throwing to them as much as they deserve, so they don’t run their patterns as crisply as they could.

The tailback was a quarterback last year. He is convinced he could call and execute better plays, so he isn’t always going to lay his body on the line by picking up that blitzing linebacker.

It’s third-and-eight late in the fourth quarter with the game on the line.

The quarterback drops back but can’t find anyone open. A lineman from the left side has shed his blocker and is bearing down, and a linebacker is coming up the middle. No one picks up the onrushing opponents, so the quarterback dashes right, cuts through a small hole opened by the linemen there and picks up four yards.

The disgruntled players say, “See? He isn’t up to the job.”

President Obama may not have been your pick for quarterback. He may not have even been the best choice available, but he is the only one we have. We are at a crucial time in our country’s history. If we don’t play together as a team, we will all lose.

Andy Reese




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