Government hurts energy independence

There are many problems and disasters beyond our control that our great country has endured and overcome, such as floods, fires, earthquakes and drought. And there are costly problems and mistakes hurting our people that can and should be corrected, such as our lack of a comprehensive and commonsense energy policy.


While we have become oil- and gas-import-dependent – up to 61 percent of our fuel consumption – our treasures are flowing overseas, increasing our trade deficit and our national debt. We have encouraged and let other countries (Brazil and China) explore off our shores. Our government’s Environmental Protection Agency has restricted our own oil and gas exploration.

Special interests have driven us to develop the ethanol industry to burn up to one-third of our corn crop to fuel our cars and trucks. That not only withdraws millions of tons of corn from the food and feed chain, but because of excess fertilizer use on this crop, the resulting runoff into rivers increases the oxygen-depleted dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico.

Ethanol is a very inefficient and corrosive fuel, subsidized with 45 cents of our tax dollars per gallon and forced on the public. It also is more expensive to produce this fuel than what is produced at our own oil and gas wells – forbidden by our own government. Remember the Marx-Engels philosophy of government control?

To top it all off, the EPA wants to raise the ethanol content in our fuel to 15 percent! EPA mandates and government regulations are strangling the entrepreneurial spirit in this country and, to a large extent, causing this near-depression.

One small light at the end of the energy-dependence tunnel is oil and gas production from tar sands and hydraulic fracturing deep underground. But for the most part we have lost our productive advantages in the world to this radical left-wing entitlement society, and to global competition.

S.G. von Schweinitz




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