Novice president has made us less free

We should have told the Democrats that The Hudsucker Proxy was just theater. Having taken it seriously, they nominated a complete novice with zero experience as their presidential candidate.


Then, in a pathetic Mouse That Roared allegory, the novice was elected with predictable results as he assembled an administration of anarchists, union organizers, media manipulators, racists and communists whose only skills seem to be in organizing a Pravda-like propaganda machine.

Make no mistake – we wanted and very badly needed for the novice to be successful. So, race-baiters, slither back under the rock from which you emerged. Lacking the experience to develop pragmatic solutions, the novice blindly followed the Democratic National Committee version of the “give a man a fish” parable (give a man one fish every day, and he will sit on his rear and vote Democratic) that has resulted in thousands of families across several generations as welfare

Despite the utter failure of similar policies, the novice pushes us inexorably along the same exact path that has turned Greece, Spain and even the United Kingdom into a social and economic quagmire. The simple truth no Democrat wants to face is this: This administration is an incompetent and abject failure.

Individuals are significantly poorer and, because of a headlong drive to force corrupt labor unions down our throats, we are now less competitive as a nation. We are less safe as nuclear materials accumulate at an alarming rate with no management plan and for the first time in a generation morale in the military is beginning to fall.

But, perhaps most importantly, increased government control of our lives means we are less free than at any time in our history.