Nanny state's cell service is an outrage

On Sept. 16, on Page 8A of The Chronicle, an advertisement offered free cell phone service if you are eligible. A toll-free recorded message stated that anyone is eligible if they receive food stamps; are on Medicaid; live in Section 8 housing; receive Supplementary Security Income; receive a heating fuel subsidy; or receive any other state or federal giveaways.


This is the nanny state on steroids!

It is an in-your-face example of Marxism: “From each, according to his ability, to each according to his needs.” Learn to like it!

Sadly, most taxpayers won’t see the ad. The involuntary taking of their money, if done in public, is called armed robbery. When government does it, it’s called “fairness” or “wealth redistribution.” These destructive policies are being jammed down our throats while Congress and the news media remain strangely silent.

As for the “takers” in society, the following “rant” is illustrative of their mind-set. It is from The Chronicle, published June 5, 2008: “This is a rant for all the rich, high-class folks. Get your guns and get ready to fight to keep your food, because the poor will do whatever needs to be done to feed their families. Bad times are on the way.”

Notice that the word “work” was never used! This is America in 2011.



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