Earnest public defenders overburdened

The recent media attention to the mistrial in the Robert Gruka molestation case largely missed its mark.

While the pain the victims will have to endure in a retrial is unfortunate, and the mistakes by the public defender are lamentable, the real story, if a reporter wanted to do some true investigative journalism, is why the Public Defender’s Office is so overburdened with cases. Instead of the media doing a quick hit-job on public defenders, it would be nice to see a story on those attorneys who devote their careers to assisting people who do not have the financial resources for legal defense.

Public defenders work for relatively little pay and very little thanks, and for reporters to assail them for the sake of cheap sensationalism is a disservice to both the Public Defender’s Office and the molestation victims.

Given sufficient resources and manpower, all public defenders would come to trial prepared, and all of society would benefit.




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