Give Israel, Palestinians single state

The revolutions taking place in the Middle East represent the beginning of a new world order. These young men and women are sacrificing their lives to achieve freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It looks like something that happened back in 1775 in America. Many will deny it, but the epicenter of the New World Order Movement has been inspired, in part, by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

For 60-plus years, the Israeli government, with the full approval of the U.S. government, has used overwhelming force and oppression to achieve peace. By now it should be obvious to one and all this is not working. Yet the Israeli leaders, still with the approval of Congress, continue to use force and oppression. These are the same tactics that the leaders of the countries now under siege in the Middle East used against their citizens.

Every peace negotiation has had the Palestinians on one side with Israel and the United States on the other side. By their actions, the leaders of Israel and the United States seem to imply that the Arab citizens of the Middle East are lesser human beings than Israelis and Americans. Amazingly, the U.S. government is supporting the rebels throughout the Middle East, yet they refuse to approve Palestinian statehood in the United Nations. This is a double standard by any measure. Whatever happened to the premise that all human beings have the same inalienable rights? The cold, hard truth is the Israeli leadership, with Congress, is equally responsible for crimes against humanity.

I am concerned for the future of both Israelis and Palestinians. Prior to World War II, Muslims, Jews and Christians lived together peacefully. The first change was the quest for Zionism fueled by the tragedy of the Holocaust. Next was the opposition to Israel as a state. These two issues
must be relegated to the pages of history. A single state, with equal rights for both Israelis and Palestinians, is the only viable solution. Demographics and geography do not favor a two-state solution.

There are fast-growing movements in Israel, Europe and America against the inhumane treatment of the Palestinians. The only question that remains: How long will it take to stop the carnage?



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