Georgia outclasses Boise State on field

This is in reference to Scott Michaux’s column in the Sept. 4 paper (“‘Statement’ has hollow ring vs. a better team”), on the University of Georgia-Boise State University football game. It’s apparent he’s not a Georgia fan, because of all his previous columns on Georgia, but it doesn’t matter whether he is a fan – he should be able to write an objective column.


He stated “the quarterback didn’t get much help with the running game that ran off its two best rushers from a year ago.” They were asked to leave the team because of their actions and behavior, and Coach Mark Richt made the decision. They were not “ran off.”

Over the years, a lot of college coaches have become like the pros. They don’t care what the players do off the field as long as they are talented players on game day. All of their childish, criminal behavior is easily overlooked because they have certain talents. Richt will never have a quarterback on his team whom he suspended five times.

During the game, ESPN announcers said Boise State should be able “to run the table” on the rest of their schedule once they get past Georgia. That is one of the major differences in college football. Georgia, at present, is a mediocre team in the Southeastern Conference. They would be a good team in Boise State’s conference, or I would like for them to join the SEC and play an SEC schedule for the next 10 years and see how good they look.

And last, Georgia lost by 14 points and Boise State was trying to score all four quarters, Georgia beat Boise State by 35 points in 2005 and could have scored more, but that is not Richt’s style. You don’t embarrass an opponent when they are beaten.

If Richt never wins another football game, he still will be a better person than a lot who win every Saturday.



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