We must embrace biblical Christianity

The Aug. 22 Augusta Chronicle editorial page provides a contrast that is decisive for the future of America.


On the left side of the page, The Chronicle’s editorial (“Fight the mob mentality”) laments “societal problems spawning coordinated violence.” On the right (where else?), syndicated columnist Cal Thomas demonstrates the rampant abuse and slander of evangelicals (“The war on evangelicals”). These articles are intimately and necessarily connected.

The Chronicle editorial listed seven “root causes” of “an amorality and sociopathic aimlessness.” None of those mention Christianity. I have had many negative reactions online from my letters; nevertheless, the overt connection of the founding, rise and recent fall of America with evangelical Christianity is undeniable.

When faith and action were based on Christian belief in the Bible, this nation was strong. But evangelicals have to take most of the blame. With higher criticism, existentialism, neo-orthodoxy and liberal Christianity, biblical preaching became a social agenda of secular psychology and sociology. This secularism even influences evangelical Christianity.

I blame our pulpits for the current woes of America. Until they preach a full-orbed and comprehensive message, we have no real hope. Few if any churches in Augusta preach that total “gospel.”

While The Chronicle lists a daily Bible verse, and is in general friendly to Christianity, it must recognize that only a return to biblical preaching and congregations that “have ears to hear” is the only hope for America. Cal Thomas points out how that agenda is exactly what liberals do not want to hear. In its omission of biblical Christianity on Aug. 22, The Chronicle assisted in that “war” on evangelicalism.

The Tea Party foment is largely centered on evangelicals, and they were the only ones to resist the continuing of Big Government. That effort was a good start, but one that will have to go much broader and deeper to move this country where it needs to be.

Ed Payne, M.D.



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