Are vaccines being forced on seniors?

The federal government and health officials not only are targeting children for vaccines, but their new “reality show” also is aiming for senior citizens.

Here’s how my doctor recently told me how it works: You are a senior covered by Medicare insurance, and you go to your annual doctor’s office visit. Before the visit is over, your doctor will recommend you get a number of vaccines – that the government has previously recommended – that the doctor asks you to take. If you refuse the shots, it is duly noted on your medical record, which will be transferred onto a new federally mandated electronic chart.

Scary enough, but here’s more: The doctor serving you is only allowed a certain percentage of vaccine refusals. If there are too many, Medicare will limit the normal payments he receives for certain patients.

It is not the government’s business what drugs you or I choose to inject into our bodies at any age. What next? Will the Big Brother of senior vaccines come knocking at my door?

This is one reality show we can all do without.


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