Help save our nation by buying American

Kudos to Emille Bowles on her recent letter to The Augusta Chronicle (“Send message to dysfunctional government,” Aug. 18).


Somehow I was made aware that the month of August was to be dedicated to buying American-made products. This month I have not found anything except food products made in the United States. I have shopped quite a bit because I am getting ready to take a trip across this beautiful country. Thank God and the troops I can do that.

I remember when – and, yes, I am that old – Wal-Mart originated its motto “We buy American.” I challenge you to find something there – or any other retail store – now made in the United States. Try to find a light bulb, a pair of shoes or an American flag.

The medicine I take I can buy via mail from Canada for less than half they charge here. Why?

These are some of the reasons our country is failing. Part of the solution is to bring industry and God back into our lives. “Government,” believe it or not, is us. We can take back our country, but only if we care enough. Will it take another disaster like Sept. 11, 2001, to wake us up?

Our troops fight every day so we can work, play or sit on our keisters in this great country. Make their efforts worthwhile. Buy American. Vote, and pray for this country!



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