Economic mess has brewed for years

Regarding Lowell Greenbaum’s monthly anti-Republican comical revue in the Aug. 10 issue (“Time to clean up the Tea Party’s mess”): The Tea Party didn’t create the current mess. This mess has been a long time in the making.


President Clinton forced the banks to make risky loans – most of which were defaulted on. The Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae mortgage industries were deliberately mismanaged.

President Bush – a big spender, but not in the same league as President Obama – twice asked Sen. Christopher Dodd and Reps. Barney Frank and Maxine Waters how the mortgage industry was doing. They assured Bush that it was in good health. As we all now know, it was in total chaos.

Mr. Greenbaum would be in jail if he and his wife ran their house like the U.S. government is being run. The change that Obama ran on and has implemented is based on the Cloward-Piven strategy, which was designed to destroy capitalism by creating political, financial, social and economic crises.

Increasing debt limits and taxes will not bring about an economic recovery. Reduced spending, axing wasteful and duplicative programs – as well as getting rid of the departments of Education and Energy – would help.

Most Democrats and Republicans-in-name-only don’t seem to care about our country. They have become totally corrupted by the power of politics. God protect America!

Roger Eden




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