Impeach president for nonfeasance

I swear I must be living on a different planet than the Democrats.


Listening to President Obama's supporters and his recent speech refusing to accept any responsibility for our country's sad state of affairs enforces what I had said from the very beginning. Prior to becoming president, I warned that this man would lead our country down a path of destruction. Look at us now.

Further, Obama and his lackeys had the unmitigated gall to blame everything on the Tea Party that wanted a balanced budget. He stated that we are still the greatest country in the world - even though Standard and Poor's downgraded our credit rating from AAA to AA-plus, and he totally ignored the reason why.

Obama was warned that this would be considered if he didn't get his house in order, but he chose to ignore it. He and his cohorts went on to blame the Republicans and their refusal to raise the debt ceiling and to grant trillions of dollars more to our indebted country, so they too became a target. What ever happened to fiscal responsibility?

As an independent voter, I heard many reports stating that it will be up to us to see to it that a new president is elected. For my money, the old one should be impeached for nonfeasance of office, which according to my law dictionary is the total omission or failure of performance of some distinct duty or undertaking which he has agreed with his principal to do.

We as a people should demand a vote of no confidence against Obama, not giving him one more day to ruin this country.

Gregory J. Topliff

Warrenville, S.C.



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