Aviation projects willfully neglected

Boggled, anyone?


I am trying to come to terms with our federal government, but I find the dysfunctional thought process in Washington too much for my simple mind.

I am on the General Aviation Commission for this community, a pilot myself and perhaps more aware of Federal Aviation Administration concerns than many citizens.

The current administration and Congress chose to take a vacation before securing funding for the FAA. This comes on the heels of concerns over the system of airport controllers, the rife unemployment in the country and the need for increasing revenues to pay down our irresponsible debt.

By not funding the FAA, Washington put 80,000 Americans out of work immediately. Projects such as the air terminal at Daniel Field lost contact with the FAA because of furloughed intermediaries. This lent uncertainty to our project and many similar projects across the country.

In addition, revenue to the federal treasury was cut by non-collection of airline travel taxes during the period of the shutdown.

Does this situation not reek of carelessness, if not dereliction, on the part of our representative government? The obtuseness of these career politicians screams for term limits.

William J. Welsh, M.D.




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