Americans are just giving jobs away

It's amazing how people in the work force in this country have it all wrong. They complain about "illegals" being here working - and complaining about not being able to get a job because of it.


Well, to tell the truth, "illegals" are not taking jobs from Americans; Americans are giving them away.
Why say that?

Well, first is the fact that some people think they are entitled to jobs just because they are Americans. They figure they are too good to start at the bottom and work their way up the ladder, or that they should not have to be subordinate to someone who is not originally from here.

Just because someone is an American does not give them the advantage to gain employment. Employers are looking for people with a great work ethic; good attitude; loyalty to the company or cause; trustworthiness; someone with personal accountability; in some cases certain educational backgrounds in certain areas; and a whole lot of other qualities besides just showing up on time.

It seems the entitlement "disease" has spread into the work force.

Aside from the fact that the "illegals" are here illegally, that is the only crime that has to be addressed when it comes to work. They will work the hard jobs when Americans complain that "it's too hot," "it's too far away" or "it's not enough money," among many other reasons not to work. But they will stand in a line for eight hours at the welfare office for free money so they will not have to work.

If the American work force were as solid as it should be, people would not be able to come here and "take" jobs, illegally or otherwise. Most people would rather have an "illegal" who is going to do the job right than an American who is just happy to have a job and does not care whether the job is done right.

Makes you wonder what the real crime is.

Chris McCain



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