2010 message to be followed by 2012

Having watched the president's 15-minute national "debt crisis" address July 25, it appears he remains adamantly tone-deaf to the will of the American people.

The 2010 mid-term elections sent a message to Congress to end the "business as usual" behavior that has been the status quo in Washington, DC. for too long.

Strangely, the president just doesn't get it.

As usual, he hears only that which he wants to hear. This presidency has been a disappointment, and the American people deserve better.

Millions of Americans anxiously waited to see if this president would be the first in history to allow our government to default on its debt, and allow America's credit rating to plunge.

Fortunately, the people have another opportunity to send a message directed to the executive branch in 2012: keep the change and goodbye!

John C. Huffman



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