Bestowed redemption uneven, lacking

In response to the article on Augusta Commissioner Matt Aitken ("Ex-felons seek redemption," Nov. 23):

I am not against redemption for Mr. Aitken, a convicted drug dealer, but where was this redemption when former Augusta Mayor Ed McIntyre was around? He did his time, but this newspaper and TV stations could not mention his name without also mentioning his crimes. Where was the redemption?

When Mr. Aitken's name is mentioned, you don't hear "convicted drug dealer Matt Aitken." Or is this redemption just for people of a certain color?

Mr. McIntyre didn't deserve what he got from the media, including this paper. Where was the redemption? Your redemption is just like your justice -- when served, "just us" get the bad part of it.

Willie B. McKelton


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