Get facts straight on state of the nation

Responding to Barbara Wise's letter of Nov. 1 ("Republicans driving country to ruin"), I can't help but wonder on what ill-begotten source she bases her opinions.


She made only one correct statement -- that "those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it."

Socialism has failed wherever tried. It failed in France, England, the Soviet Union and certainly under Hitler in Germany. We only have to look around and see President Obama's socialism failing and destroying America.

Ms. Wise boasted that President Clinton left office with a surplus in employment. She does not know that he was failing in his leftist agenda and came back to right of center; the Republican Congress saved him, and was responsible for the good economy.

For most of his eight years, President George W. Bush gave us an unemployment rate of about 5.2 percent, which is near the minimum. Bush saw the current problem coming, and tried to get the Democratic Congress to take action on such matters as Clinton's lift on oil futures, the failing of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, because of Clinton's and the Democratic Congress' insistence on continuing to give loans to unqualified and often unemployed home buyers. These and other congressional failures caused the current crisis.

As to lying about the war in Iraq, where has she been? It is well known that the leaders of both parties viewed and believed the intelligence to be correct. All world leaders believed likewise. Saddam Hussein was an outstanding liar who made the whole world look foolish. So do not blame Bush.

The most absurd statement made by Ms. Wise is that the news media are Republican- or big-business-controlled. Several surveys show more than 75 percent of news reporters are registered Democrats and consider themselves liberals/leftists; about 15 percent consider themselves as moderate to liberal; and only 1.5 percent as conservative.

With the exception of Fox News, 85 percent of news coverage is favorable to the leftists/Democrats. In the recent campaign, about 35 major Democratic events were covered, while virtually 0 percent of Republican events were covered. Sounds like Pravda in Russia during the 1960s and '70s.

No, Ms. Wise, we do not want to be "Republicancorps," whatever that may be, but we also do not want to be disenfranchised citizens under Obama's socialist regime. Obama has incurred a $3 trillion debt since Bush's $1 trillion bailout. About the only jobs created have been for federal employees, whose average annual salary is $120,000, and most are union voters for Obama and the socialist Democrats.

Bill Heaton


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