We need more solutions from the left

The welfare clause -- our national social contract -- and other parts of the Constitution require us to redress income disparity through the minimum wage and redistribution of wealth. To further rectify the disparity, I recommend the living wage and a surge tax on the super-rich, as billionaires Warren Buffett and Bill Gates so want.


What I like about those two is that they (1) create jobs, (2) want to pay higher taxes -- yes, those tax shelters -- and (3) are donating most of their vast wealth to charity. This is rational, as opposed to just giving away all one's wealth!

Society owes its members opportunity. With the growth of government obligations, we are honoring the Declaration of Independence with its advocating the protection of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. With that growth has arrived less government onerousness with our liberties!

We liberals and others are keeping us from further riding on the road to serfdom that reactionaries so desire! They would dismantle our nanny state -- Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, WICA, the new health system and other vital opportunities.

As a new Democrat, I value our regulated free market, so I acquiesce to using insurance companies, but prefer that we would go for Medicare and Medicaid for near all. The VA covers us others.

Our prescient President Obama is trying to further our trading with Asia. To help more, we need a better Trade Adjustment Act, as Sen. John McCain advocates -- unless, as with so much else, he has further succumbed to demagoguery.

Some on the left criticize Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, economic advisor Larry Summers and us Democrats as being too cozy with special business interests. We need to value business, but not cater to those parts of it who have undue demands!

Taking care of the least of us is a justifiable special interest! Reactionaries ought to give up their welfare-queen and television-and-automobile-obsession claims about the indigent! Bleat and weep!

Morgan-Lynn Griggs Lamberth