Endorsements require clarification

I would like to clarify an issue regarding the Oct. 20 editorial endorsing candidate Wayne Guilfoyle for the Augusta Commission's District 8 seat.


Mr. Guilfoyle stated that he had the endorsement of the Goshen residents, which is a truthful statement. Goshen has more than 750 homes, which calculates into about 1,400 or more residents. We are sure that Mr. Guilfoyle -- as well as one of his opponents, Doug Lively -- has the endorsement of many Goshen residents.

But the Goshen Residents Association has never endorsed, nor will we endorse, a particular candidate, because we cannot speak for every resident.

The Goshen Residents Association tries to do what is best for our community in being a voice when issues arise. We had our Fall Resident Meeting on Oct. 4, and all Augusta candidates for mayor and the District 8 and 10 commission seats were in attendance. Therefore, the Goshen Residents Association feels that we gave all residents an opportunity to meet and discuss any issues, or pose questions they may have to the candidates so they could make an educated decision.

I can tell you that the following Goshen Residents Association Executive Board members personally endorse and support candidate Wayne Guilfoyle for District 8 Commission: Trisha Sprouse, president; Martha Reynells, vice-president; Rena Mobley, treasurer; and Lib Wingate, secretary, as well as other board members.

Trisha H. Sprouse




Sat, 01/20/2018 - 00:00

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