Hearing would set bad global precedent

The Palestinian Authority, which is not a nation, has demanded a hearing before the International Criminal Court accusing Israeli solders of war crimes. What the Israeli solders were doing was defending Israel against the rocket attacks by the Palestinians.


If the ICC decides to hear this case, this would open the door for other nations to bring similar charges, such as against the United States. As with Israel, the charges against us would be unjust -- but that would be of little concern to the nations that do not look favorably upon us.

Such action would diminish us as a sovereign state, as so with Israel, and bring us under international law -- something the liberals are trying to do and would love to see come about.

With the peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians coming to a stop, no doubt the bombing of Israel by the Palestinians will resume. Israel, in anticipation of this, is seeking to build more bomb shelters for their children.

How close are we before we see an all-out war against Israel? Is this the time the Bible speaks of, in regard to the Rapture?

Gil Ward




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