The county's death spiral continues

I really enjoyed Rick McKee's cartoon Oct. 3. Is it any wonder that the National Barrel Horse Association left the civic center, considering where it's located? People do not want to go, or take their families into, the middle of one of the city's highest crime areas, then have to drive halfway across the county or into another state or county to find decent accommodations. Can you not realize, evidently, that no one wants anything to do with downtown Augusta? By the way, there is no more "city of Augusta," which the news media seem to not realize. There is no city charter.

You may not like this letter, but facts are facts, and unless the so-called elected officials would face the ugly truth, Richmond County will continue on its spiral down. They need to act to correct the problems.

I left Richmond County more than 30 years ago, and will not go there unless absolutely necessary.

Donald Turner




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