McKinney should replace Barrow in D.C.

Congress is now in recess, and maybe the small amount of money left in our wallets will be safe for a while.


This congressional session saw some of the largest money grabs by Congress ever seen. It began with our local congressman, Rep. John Barrow, voting to make liberal San Francisco politician Nancy Pelosi the speaker of the House. He then proceeded to follow the Pelosi/Obama agenda and vote for more than $1 trillion in spending on stimulus bills, and $15 billion to bail out GM and Chrysler. To date, Mr. Barrow refuses to say whether, if re-elected, he will vote again for Ms. Pelosi for speaker.

The reckless borrowing and spending is building up an enormous debt that will fall on the shoulders of our children and grandchildren to pay. There seems no end in sight for this spending spree. Georgians have grown weary of a Congress that professes fiscal responsibility but votes for huge expenditures while not even passing a budget resolution.

The 12th U.S. House District needs a genuine conservative leader who will fight for jobs, provide solid fiscal responsibility and not follow the lead of San Francisco liberals.

Ray McKinney is equipped to provide the leadership to turn our economy and nation around. Ray is a nuclear energy professional with more than 30 years' experience in the private sector. He has established a reputation as a keen problem-solver who can be trusted to get the project completed.

Let's send our own Georgia "nuclear option" to Washington. Vote Ray McKinney to represent the 12th District in Congress.

Bob Finnegan


(The writer is vice chairman of the Richmond County Republican Committee.)



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