Are Republicans out to destroy us?

The Republican Party is pushing its propaganda agenda, smear tactics and lies to a constituency composed of maybe some of the most uninformed people on our planet. The know-nothings get pointed in the direction of the voting booth by the tossing of hate and divisive issues that they snap at like a snake.


It is hard to describe how low a level the Republican propaganda has taken us and, even more shocking, how many people are falling for it. It seems as if some of these people are in a trance, and the Republicans are on a mission to destroy our great country.

Some people, barely solvent themselves, are vowing to vote the Democrats out of office in November and replace them with new Republicans. I would be afraid to have these new candidates managing my doghouse.

The Republican Party is being intercepted by radical groups and revisionists. Republicans often campaign on the three G's (God, guns and gays) and WAT (welfare, abortion and taxes), and the people issues will go unnoticed. And the neoconservatives proposed 20 years ago to keep taxes low and privatize Social Security to do away with all entitlement programs.

A friend called recently and asked if I had seen the new Republican agenda "A Pledge to America." I said no. He kept saying, "I know you have seen it." Finally I said, " Do you call that new?" It's the same old thing -- cut taxes, less regulations and repeal the new health-care bill. Cutting taxes and regulations led us to the financial crisis from which we are trying to recover.

Vote Nov. 2 to keep the Democrats in control of Congress and Roy Barnes for the governor of our progressive state. By doing so, we can preserve our country's integrity, legacy and greatness.

Tracy E. Williams Jr.




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