Democrats play 'skin-color politics'

Somewhere I missed something. I'm confused. I thought President Obama was the president who would break the skin color barrier in politics -- the man who would bring together white folks, black folks, yellow and brown.


President Obama led us to believe skin color would no longer be an issue. The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. once said that people should not "be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." I thought that dream would be a guiding principle of the Obama administration.

Something went wrong. Very wrong. President Obama and his administration have chosen to attack House Minority Leader John Boehner because of his skin color. President Obama joked that Boehner is a "person of color," and his press secretary, Robert Gibbs, tweeted that a black-and-white photo of Boehner "doesn't do that tan justice."

Some say the attack is aimed at Boehner's golf, not his skin color, but how can that be? President Obama is on the golf course at every opportunity. I haven't seen Boehner attacking him either for playing golf or for his skin color.

When will the Democrats abandon their skin-color politics and their politics of personal attacks? Enough already!

Tom Taber