Bottom line

“We can’t take justice into our own hands,” says one volunteer cleaning up after the destructive riots in Ferguson, Mo.


Absolutely. But as that great citizen showed, we can take healing into our own hands.

That was the spirit of a group of church-led volunteers who picked up riot debris and swept the streets after nights of protests and clashes.

It should be the spirit of America, too:

• Be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

• Seek first to build and heal.

• Pitch in when and where you can, no matter how small the gesture. It makes our communities better, soothes our souls and salves society.

In a free country, your society is what you make of it.

Even amid runaway emotion and chaos, there can be bridge-builders. There can be healing, however slight.

This is a story that few will hear – that within the mess that was Ferguson, there were those who began picking up the pieces even before the conflict was over.

But that, more than what you’ve been seeing every night on TV, is the story of America. And it’s The Spirit of St. Louis.