Now the real work begins

City recasts commitment to stray animals, but follow-through is key

Because the cats and dogs at Augusta Animal Services can’t say it clearly to the city, we will.


Thank you.

Interim City Administrator Tameka Allen announced Thursday that the city’s Mack Lane shelter is temporarily stopping the euthanization of animals – except for the very sick and most vicious. Animal Services also will start working with a rescue group and clinic to adopt out more spayed and neutered animals, Allen said.

The shelter’s kill rate is unconscionable – 70 percent by the city’s estimation, higher by others’. Animal rescuers had long been outraged over this, and on Thursday – through an outpouring of phone calls and emails to the city – Augustans showed they clearly had had enough.

It’s encouraging news for animal lovers. Rescue groups will have their work cut out for them as more potential pets become eligible to be released into the care of these agencies.

We applaud the city for its response to the powerful public outcry. And we’re looking forward to delivering a standing ovation when we see far fewer animal deaths in Augusta, and many more cats and dogs finding loving homes.



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