Cold-blooded act in a hot car

Newborn left alone in vehicle exposes shameful anything-goes society

We can’t peek into the mind of 20-year-old Alicia Manigault, who police say left her unattended 2-week-old child locked inside a hot vehicle in an unshaded Augusta parking lot Thursday.


But if we could, we probably would see an example of the rampant self-absorption and irresponsibility shaped by an anything-goes environment. It’s the rapidly-growing American subculture that fosters the jaw-dropping detachment necessary for a mother to leave a newborn baby alone in a parked car.

There would be little need to ponder the erosion of traditional family values – such as waiting to have children until you are ready to care for them – if the Manigault incident were a rarity. But it’s not. Leaving small children unattended in cars happens somewhere in America nearly every single day, and it doesn’t always end with the baby surviving the ordeal, as he thankfully did in this incident.

You want an anything-goes society, America? Well, this is what comes with the territory.

Parents have an unswerving obligation to protect their children. These small living things are among the most vulnerable among us. They require our constant care.

Ms. Manigault left the baby in the car to take a cosmetology exam. We hope she got an A-plus.

Her parenting gets an F.

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