Melvin Ivey for District 4

Minister is eager to foster change on the Augusta Commission

By the Rev. Melvin Ivey’s estimate, he attends about 90 percent of Augusta Commission meetings.


Now he’s running for Augusta Commission. And he deserves your vote.

In a challenging field of candidates, where each one clearly cares deeply about the future of Augusta, Ivey stands out as the voters’ best choice to represent the city’s District 4.

Ivey is no stranger to leadership. As a pastor, he leads the flock at Greater St. John Baptist Church in Harrisburg. He is president of Richmond County Neighborhood Association Alliance, and president of the Baptist Ministers Conference of Augusta.

He is twice retired – first as a chief petty officer from the U.S. Naval Reserve, then as a manager of the Forest Hills and Fort Gordon post offices.

Now Ivey is, as he put it, “running to serve.” Having lived in Augusta since 1979, he not only has seen change but what needs to change. He supports increased transparency in local government. He sees an Augusta that should be professionally marketed as a destination. He sees the need for innovation and fresh ideas. He wants to hear his constituents’ opinions, and get them more involved.

We asked him how he would change the too-often argumentative dynamic of commission meetings. He quoted St. Paul’s Epistle to the Romans, repeating his exhortation to “live peaceably with all men.”

“I can bring a temperament to foster change,” he said.

Change is good. And the Rev. Melvin Ivey is a sound vote for District 4 on May 20.



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