Back Bob Finnegan

Longtime Augustan is an ideal fit for District 6

The ballot on the District 6 race for Augusta Commission is stacked top to bottom with civically engaged candidates who genuinely care about Augusta’s future.


But among those five candidates, one stands out. Bob Finnegan is the voters’ best choice to represent District 6.

Finnegan’s life embodies what needs to happen in south Augusta to help that part of the city succeed. He and his wife moved to Augusta in 1979, when he still was in the U.S. Navy, and chose to live in south Augusta after correctly surmising the area’s potential.

That commitment – investing his very life, really – spurred decades of civic and political involvement. He serves on the South Augusta Redevelopment Board and the Richmond County Personnel Board, and has served as a member of the Richmond County Human Relations Commission.

Finnegan wants Augusta to be prepared for opportunities, such as the economic boon of the growing U.S. Cyber Command mission at Fort Gordon. “If we seize the opportunities,” he told us, “that will drive the growth.”

He feels that a renewed willingness to work together toward common goals can make divisions go away in local government. And his relentless enthusiasm would be a splendid catalyst for that.

Finnegan grasps the basics that voters have been talking about. They want better roads and sidewalks. They want an end to bickering on the Augusta Commission. They want commissioners to be available and to keep them informed.

So they should want Bob Finnegan. He will make the right choices. Augustans can make the right choice by voting for him at the polls May 20.



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