Bottom line

Normally a traitor is considered to have turned against one’s government.

Turning against one’s own people, and in favor of a ruling government, is quite another thing – but no less contemptible.

Congress may have recently held former IRS official Lois Lerner in contempt for not testifying about her role in IRS targeting of conservative Americans. But a freedom-loving people should find her in even greater contempt, for refusing to come clean about allegations she and other Obama operatives turned on their fellow Americans in an attempt to punish them for their political views.

It doesn’t get any more un-American than that. This country was born of the God-given right to free speech, free association and equal protection under the law. This woman and her ilk stand justifiably accused of trampling on those rights by using the awesome power of government to chill, delay and ultimately prevent the spread of ideas the current administration opposes.

We find the allegations deeply sickening, and her refusal to be forthright the height of cowardice. Anyone capable of doing what she is accused of doing is a greater threat to America than any external enemy.

If it goes unpunished, there will be, officially, no accountability in our government – and no freedoms left safe.


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Rick McKee Editorial Staff