Keep Grady Smith

Super District 10 commissioner still has much to do

As the current commissioner for Augusta’s Super District 10, Grady Smith knows what direction in which the city of Augusta wants to move. He’s attuned to the goals of his fellow commissioners.


And he’s not quite done serving the community. Voters should cast their ballots May 20 to keep Smith on the commission.

Pretty much all candidates talk about change. Here’s one thing Smith wants to change: pronouns. There’s too much talk in Augusta about “I” and “my” when the conversation, he rightly asserts, should revolve around “us” and “we.”

Smith announced his re-election bid in January at the corner of Windsor Spring Road and U.S. Highway 25 – and for good reason. South Augusta is the next part of the city poised to explode with growth. With Plant Vogtle’s expansion ready to supercharge the economy of neighboring Burke County, south Augusta needs to be ready to take advantage of that. As a commissioner, Smith wants to help.

He also wants to continue his efforts to ensure the most prudent spending of our tax dollars and the best strategies for keeping our streets and our schools safe.

You’d have to look a long time for someone with deeper, prouder local roots than Smith. A lifelong Augusta resident, he best represents the city’s business in part because of his own success in business, having run his own mechanical contracting company since 1975.

Smith isn’t complicated. He’s straightforward. He’s honest. And as someone who never has been a stranger to hard work, he will continue to work hard for the citizens of Augusta. Please vote for him May 20.


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