'Breakfast of champions'

Bubba Watson chooses post-win meal at Waffle House; so what?

You had to have seen the photo.


But you couldn’t imagine the absurd backlash.

Masters Tournament champion Bubba Watson tweeted a photo of himself, his wife, Angie, and others celebrating his win at an area Waffle House, in the wee hours of April 14, the day after the tournament. The photo was cheery, charming and – because it was snapped in a Waffle House – quintessentially Southern.

And it sent at least one nutritionist talking-head into a tizzy.

“Well, it would be great if celebrities and sports figures set a better example for our obese nation,” Katherine Tallmadge huffed to Fox TV host Neil Cavuto.

“There’s nothing wrong with the Waffle House if it’s an occasional splurge, but these gazillionaires love to show Americans that they’re one of you. And so, to win a popularity contest, they go to Waffle Houses, diners, steak places, when in reality, to be a great athlete or a celebrity in good shape, they don’t really eat like that.”

Did she consider for a moment that Watson might just like the food? That that’s why he went to the restaurant?

Tell Michael Phelps, the holder of 14 Olympic gold medals in swimming, that athletes “don’t really eat like that.”

Phelps consumed an estimated 12,000 calories a day – think whole pizzas, chocolate chip pancakes and five-egg omelets – during peak training periods.

Lots of Americans know what they should eat – and how to stay active – to be healthier. But we don’t need calorie nannies the likes of Tallmadge to swoop in and tell Americans what they can’t eat.

As for setting “a better example,” Watson already does an exemplary job of that, thank you.



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