Bottom line

Who could forget New Orleans resident Patricia Konie being forcibly disarmed by police during Hurricane Katrina?


News footage of the 58-year-old being tackled in her home for refusing to abide by the city’s unconstitutional gun confiscation order became one of the disaster’s more searing images of governmental dysfunction.

A bill expected to be signed into law by Gov. Nathan Deal will ensure Georgia police never receive such a directive.

Though House Bill 60 has received the most attention for repealing blanket bans on carrying in bars and churches, it’s sanest provision reaffirms one’s right to remain armed during a declared state of emergency – precisely the type of situation where self-defense needs would be most evident.

The bill, which passed 112-58, states law-abiding gun owners will not have their Second Amendment rights restricted or infringed by executive authority during emergencies.

The last thing a law-abiding gun owner should worry about during an emergency is forced confiscation from authorities. We applaud the Georgia General Assembly for enshrining that into law.


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