Beware of the dogma

More people are turning off liberal-leaning CNN because CNN is turning more people off

Plenty of blame will rightly be heaped on Piers Morgan for the fiery failure of his prime-time show on CNN, now canceled.


If you believe reports from insiders, the show’s karma likely ran over its dogma: Newsday reports that the British tabloid talker was a belligerent old soul, especially to the “little” people behind the cameras.

“The makeup girls suffered the worst – he was rude and belligerent,” the newspaper quoted one source. “The general feeling is Morgan didn’t show any respect to anyone working under him — the people who were trying to make him look good.”

Too, the combative Morgan had become maniacally obsessed with his adopted nation’s gun laws. Even the liberal New York Times compared the Brit’s incessant anti-gun rant to “King George III, peering down his nose at the unruly colonies and wondering how to bring the savages to heel.”

And it was, after all, the king who inspired our Second Amendment.

But that criticism is far too narrow, as regards both Morgan and CNN.

Morgan wasn’t just opposed to nearly all conservative causes, but was openly hostile to them.

And therein lies CNN’s problem. It doesn’t just have a liberal point of view 24/7. That’s not enough. It’s hostile to conservatives, most of whom refuse to be lectured to thusly, which is to say smugly and condescendingly.

For all appearances, it’s the network’s business model.

Anchorman Anderson Cooper once ridiculed Tea Party supporters by knowingly using an obscene pejorative about them. He and his ultra-raunchy pal, comedienne Kathy Griffin, may be best known, though, for her simulated sex act on him during their New Year’s Eve “coverage.”

Anchorwoman Carol Costello recently unilaterally declared the global warming debate over. King George, meet Queen Carol.

Then-CNN Reporter Jessica Yellin once suggested strategy to President Obama – where does a reporter get off coaching partisans anyway? – including that he should basically keep congressional leaders in a room until they agree to his demands. Even Obama had to remind her he’s not a dictator. When Republican Mitt Romney said he had binders full of female candidates for jobs in Massachusetts – as proof of his reaching out to women – Yellin actually criticized that, sniffing that Romney was acting “like working women are some mail-order product you can order out of colored binders.”

CNN’s Candy Crowley, while moderating a debate between Obama and Romney, actually stepped in to support Obama at one point – and was not only wrong in doing so, but was wrong about the facts.

Then-anchorwoman Soledad O’Brien used to appear as if she had a personal stake in Democratic arguments – and critics claim she once was caught holding onto talking points from a left-wing website while debating a Republican on camera.

From O’Brien to Jeffrey Toobin to disgraced Democrat Eliot Spitzer – whom CNN tried, and failed, to rehabilitate into a national show host – the bias, and even a contempt for conservative Americans, is open and unrelenting.

What do they expect to happen as a result?

Whatever your take on politics or CNN, it’s unquestionable that CNN has turned off conservatives, and vice versa.

Why? Do network officials not see it? Surely they must. Do they not care that the network is tanking in the
ratings? Surely they must. Or is it simply more important to ply the liberal ideology?

As a Georgia-based network, we’d love to cheer CNN on. But the network seems intent on sneering at conservatives and propping up Democrats. And the former “worldwide leader in news” has little stomach for the many scandals engulfing the Obama administration, from Fast and Furious to Benghazi to domestic spying to IRS targeting of conservatives and more.

There’s a waiting audience out there of fair-minded liberals, moderates and conservatives. There are ratings and revenues to be had. Fox News has proved that, with ratings that are sometimes double that of all its cable news competitors – combined. Attracting those viewers will require more balance and reason on the part of CNN, and less shrill shilling for the Democratic Party.

Liberals have tried to sell the notion that Fox News is the fringe network. The numbers – and the spectacular ratings flameouts like Piers Morgan’s at CNN – say otherwise.



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