Move away from MoveOn

Liberal group's shaming tactic actually calls for churning out more laws is petitioning members of Congress to give up their paychecks.


That’s gotten people’s attention – considering the legislative branch’s public approval ratings hover in the low- to mid-teens.

But here’s the kicker: The liberal political action committee isn’t upset at Congress for passing too many laws that lengthen the skeins of government red tape.

It’s upset because it’s not passing enough.

Reportedly, more than 30,000 people signed the petition within 48 hours. What does that say about the state of freedom in America when citizens petition the government to enact more laws, regulations and restrictions?

A deeper look at the MoveOn petition reveals its true intent – to shame the GOP into going along with the Democrats’ ruinous agenda.

“If Congressional Republicans don’t plan on passing any more legislation until November,” the petition states, “then they should give up their paychecks.”

Apparently so the American people can give up more of theirs!

In some five years, this president has shown zero taste for compromise. So Republicans have wisely indicated they have no plans to surrender to sweeping legislation until after the November midterm elections.

MoveOn calls that “throwing in the towel.” We call it standing firm to protect Americans from an increasingly destructive set of policies that are cutting jobs and strangling enterprise. The government’s own numbers say working hours are headed down and health-care costs are headed up.

“Obama administration: Health law’s new rules will increase costs for most small businesses,” read a headline at The Washington Post – with “most” meaning nearly two-thirds.

MoveOn basically wants conservative complicity in foisting this misguided left-wing agenda on the nation. Do that, and America and its economy would only lurch farther in the wrong direction.

Besides, what about the hundreds of Republican House bills that have died from
neglect in the Senate? Who’s doing nothing here?