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Last week’s ice storm brought down many majestic trees throughout the Augusta area, but none as famous as the century-old loblolly pine on the 17th hole of the Augusta National Golf Club.

The Eisenhower Tree, named after the president who lobbied unsuccessfully to have it cut down because his golf shots often hit it, was removed over the weekend. Experts concluded it would not survive damage from the storm, which sheared almost the entire left side of the 65-foot-high conifer.

The landmark tree was the defining feature of the 17th hole, and played prominently in the outcomes of several Masters Tournaments. It was golf’s most renowned pine tree.

“The loss of the Eisenhower Tree is difficult news to accept,” Augusta National and Masters Chairman Billy Payne said.

Augusta National officials promise an honorific replacement on the site of the tree. We look forward to seeing it. They will be hard-pressed to match the majesty of the location’s original occupant.



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