Ahead of the storm

Atoning for previous weather debacle, state now swearing by readiness

You might not have been able to hear the weather forecasters’ latest storm warning – over the volume of Gov. Nathan Deal’s voice.


Two weeks ago, Georgia officials vastly under-reacted to a winter storm, dumping thousands of motorists onto slick highways at once and stranding many on Atlanta-area roads for nearly a day, in what this page called “Cartrina.”

It was an inconvenience that rose to the level of a direct danger to thousands, and was a national embarrassment for Deal – and in an election year, no less.

With another storm bearing down on the state today, Deal made sure he was waaaaay out ahead of it – sending out emails Sunday detailing the whirlwind of preparations he was seeing to. Deal promised he was stirring the State Patrol, Department of Transportation, Department of Natural Resources, the Georgia Emergency Management Agency, the Department of Public Health, the Department of Community Health, power companies and even the Georgia National Guard, just in case.

Late Monday, as of this writing, Deal declared a state of emergency for 45 north Georgia counties.

In the end, individuals must be more accountable for their own actions. No governor or mayor can be your nanny. But Atlanta leaders clearly helped produce a disaster two weeks ago by not getting out in front of the storm. It’s refreshing to see them doing so this time.



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