Lies and videotape

Truth scores two hits on Wendy Davis' campaign for Texas governor

The veneer of liberal compassion has cracked even more.


Supporters for Wendy Davis, the media darling and truth-challenged Democratic candidate for Texas governor, were caught on hidden video recently laughing at the disability of her Republican candidate, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott.

The viral video shows a group of women at a Battleground Texas meeting cackling at Abbott because “he’s not good looking, he doesn’t speak very well, he doesn’t have a good personality, and he’s in a wheelchair.”


Battleground Texas is the Democrat-backed political group founded by a former Obama campaign operative to turn heavily Republican Texas into a swing state. The group is promoting the “Stand with Wendy” campaign for Davis, who became a rising star in the party for filibustering a bill that would ban abortion after 20 weeks.

“The content of the video denigrating the disabled is unworthy of our great state,” a statement released by the Abbott campaign said. “Despite the distraction, I will continue my efforts to help all Texans rise in life and achieve their dreams.”

The video couldn’t have come at a worse time for Davis, whose made-for-liberal-TV narrative – a trailer-park-dwelling teen mom divorcee who persevered her way to a Harvard degree – has been revealed as a major exaggeration through basic fact-checking.

Davis’ real story: She divorced her first husband at 21, not 19, and she only lived in the family mobile home for a few months. Her second husband, a successful lawyer 13 years her senior, cashed in his 401(k) to put her through Harvard. He was awarded custody of their children in 2005 after they split. The Dallas Morning News reported that she left her husband the day after he made the last payment on her student loan.

Not exactly feminist icon material.

Her supporters appear no more sincere based on the comments captured in the footage released by Project Veritas, an investigative journalism organization headed by James O’Keefe, best known for capturing ACORN community organizers giving advice on tax evasion and welfare fraud in 2009.

“What I think is amazing is that he’s in a wheelchair but he has no sympathy for anyone in any way,” one woman on the video says. “He may have a personality disorder.”

So only liberals know about struggling?

Abbott was a law student out on a jog when a tree fell on him and shattered his spine. He spent months in recovery and has been confined to a wheelchair since his 20s.

We think it’s someone else who has the personality disorder.



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