Bad signs for Augusta

University's new campus gateways show shameful breach of trust

The campus gateway signs for Georgia Regents University Augusta are up – but there’s one key word missing: Augusta.


Here’s another word that’s gone missing at GRU Augusta.


When GRU Augusta officials struck an agreement with leaders of the grassroots “Save the A” campaign in October 2012, the implied intent was blindingly obvious. “Augusta” would be included – according to GRU Augusta President Ricardo Azziz – in the school’s “official logo, brand name and all marketing and communication efforts.

“What we will see, and what the world will see and what the state will see will be Georgia Regents University Augusta,” Azziz said then.

So why can’t it be seen on the school’s entrance signs? A sign is one of the most basic “communication efforts” you can undertake. And Azziz couldn’t even be counted on to appropriately accomplish that. His message seems clear: If something means a lot to Augustans, it appears to mean very little to him.

We share the profound disappointment of this community that the word of GRU Augusta’s president apparently means nothing. More than this latest affront being about entrance signs, it’s about keeping your word. Azziz didn’t.

And if GRU Augusta can’t be trusted with honoring a community’s clear wishes with these signs, can the community trust GRU Augusta under other circumstances?



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