A nasty tolerance for intolerance

MSNBC shows hypocrisy in its foot-dragging on disciplining hateful host

It apparently took nearly three weeks for the folks at MSNBC to get a memo back from their Standards and Practices Department. If they have one.


Oddly, they thought actor Alec Baldwin’s gay slur was an immediate firing offense and canceled his show in its infancy, but thought that an infinitely more vile and disgusting attack on a conservative woman was merely cause for pause.

MSNBC host Martin Bashir suggested in a Nov. 15 broadcast that someone urinate or defecate in Sarah Palin’s mouth for having said that shackling Americans in crushing debt is akin to slavery. He noted that such punishments as he was suggesting for Palin had been done to slaves, and said “if anyone truly qualified for a (similar) dose of discipline ... then she would be the outstanding candidate.”

Sadly enough, this sort of contemptible, uber-intolerant rhetoric has been flowing like the Nile from radical liberals such as those at far-left (and therefore little-watched) MSNBC. From the failed and vitriolic Keith Olbermann to the alarmingly sexist Ed Schultz to the odd utterings of Chris Matthews and now Martin Bashir, the network has a rather checkered track record for venom, hatred and hostility toward conservatives, especially female conservatives.

It speaks volumes about the network’s far-left hypocrisy, too, that it took almost three weeks to toss Bashir out on his stump this week. Apparently it was a difficult choice to boot Bashir for his premeditated, thought-out repugnant attack on Sarah Palin – whereas, again, an unscripted gay slur uttered in anger at a photographer got Alec Baldwin quickly suspended and his show summarily canceled.

The left has been so brainwashed that, while it defends certain people reflexively, it has a hard time feeling that any invective, affront or insult aimed at a conservative could ever be over-the-top offensive.

You are ultimately judged by the company you keep. MSNBC has a chronic attachment to the Martin Bashirs of the far left – and has a most difficult time divorcing itself from them.

A few years ago, those same liberals were decrying unspecified conservative rhetoric and – wrongly – blaming it for the shooting of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords. Look who’s really spewing the malicious toxins: the sanctimonious left.

There’s a difference between debating issues vigorously and the kinds of ad hominem personal attacks like Bashir’s, Schultz’s and others’. Be careful what you put in your head and teach your children. People such as Martin Bashir are teaching their followers to hate their political opponents.

We can disagree in this country without resorting to such filthy, degrading, dehumanizing attacks.

It’s time to stop tolerating such intolerance.

Luckily, MSNBC has pitifully few viewers. Judging from this episode – and how slothfully the network responded to it – you have to wonder why it has any at all.



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