Bottom line

It’s another government bailout – except that this time, it’s the government asking the private sector to bail it out.

President Obama last week put the onus on insurance companies to make good on his own promise that you can keep your health insurance, saying he’d allow companies to offer Americans their old insurance policies back.

It was a nice sleight-of-hand by a desperate president, but also likely illegal and unconstitutional: How can a president unilaterally change a law like that – via a press conference? What chaos (and tyranny) would result from giving one man that much power – that he could change a law governing our health care system by the mere wave of his hand?

It was clear from his deer-in-the-headlights press conference Thursday that Mr. Obama – who’d never run anything substantial in his life before getting elected, but now is in charge of our massive health-care system – is pretty much making this up as he goes along.

What could possibly go wrong?



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