Incendiary tactics scorched conservative brand, inflamed voters

With the help of nearsighted Republicans who stepped up to the plate and whiffed over and over, Democrats just pitched a shutout against the GOP.


Let’s take a look at the box score from the GOP’s self-imposed shellacking.

In instigating the shutdown, conservative Republicans risked being massively unpopular around the country – and risked a lot of people’s livelihoods – because they wanted to block Obamacare and maybe extract some spending cuts from the spend-happy Democrats.

They got nothing except two big black eyes just a year from the all-important midterm elections – and they ended up with more spending, not less: Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell ran into the Treasury Wednesday night and grabbed some $2 billion in pork for his old Kentucky home.

Nice example of what’s destroying the country, senator!

Meanwhile, conservatives such as Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas self-immolated to make a point nobody got. They tried to prove how awful Obamacare is, but only managed to make themselves look awful while perversely helping obscure the fact that Obamacare is a train wreck.

In the process, they managed to singe their colleagues and scorch the Republican, conservative and Tea Party brands.

Nice work! You managed to have it all blow up in your faces, while boosting President Obama’s image and doing what he could not: to make Obamacare look better than it is.

Look, we appreciate the conservatives’ principles – and history will show they were right. In principle.

But their flame-throwing tactics have only incensed the very voters they will need to put those principles into action.



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