Lawn mower man

When government needs cuts, one citizen takes responsibility literally

There are a lot of bad examples emanating from Washington, D.C., right now. But Chris Cox’s example cuts a beautifully different path.


The Mt. Pleasant, S.C., native and resident of suburban Washington is the bearded man that this nation saw cutting the grass at the Lincoln Memorial this week.

Along with policing the grounds of various D.C. memorials, Cox decided to do some mowing and trimming in order to pitch in when the government shutdown prevented regular maintenance at the nation’s most revered and visited memorials.

The National Park Service ultimately had to tell him to stop, and we understand – we’re sure there are concerns about legal liability and so forth.

But amid the din of Washington’s juvenile arguing and blame-throwing, this man – proudly toting a South Carolina flag as he mowed – made the loudest, most inspiring statement of the shutdown.

This is what Americans do. They pitch in.

“That’s how we roll in S.C.!! Bless you sir!,” one commenter wrote on a South Carolina media Facebook page.

“Lawn mower man is the epitome of what it means to be a proud American!! Mow on!!,” wrote another.

We’re continually amazed that working every day in the shadow of those monuments doesn’t seem to infuse our elected leaders with more of a sense of humility and responsibility.

With any luck, the sight of lawn mower man should.



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