Not a healthy start

Obamacare's shaky beginning is nothing compared to what's ahead

Tuesday marked the first day that a key phase of Obamacare stumbled out of the gate with the task of delivering health care to millions of uninsured Americans.


Tuesday also was the first day of a federal government shutdown.

What do these events have in common? At least two things:

• They both are sterling examples of governmental bungling.

• If any aspect of either event ends in failure, the Obama administration will search for a way to pin the blame on Republicans.

Websites nationwide providing access to the Obamacare insurance exchanges were reported down Tuesday. Those and other kinds of technological glitches will be around for “months,” President Obama said Monday.


But that’s nothing compared to the nightmare America will be saddled with for years:

• Obamacare-connected payroll tax hikes are expected to leach $210 billion more out of citizens’ pockets.

• Obamacare expects to levy $47 billion in additional taxes on drug companies and makers of medical devices. And when businesses are taxed, how do they make up that shortfall? By passing it on to customers through higher prices.

Those are just two itemized examples. All told, we’re looking at shelling out at least $500 billion in more taxes through 2019.

Obamacare also heavily cuts Medicare Advantage, Medicare’s private care option – so much so that half of its clients might not be able to keep their coverage. That’s nearly a quarter of all senior citizens.

Think your doctor can explain Obamacare to you? Good luck. In a survey taken as recently as July, two-thirds of physicians polled said they “were totally unaware of the coverage terms for patients, including cancellation and grace periods,” CNBC reported.

That’s even if your doctor sticks around. A 2012 survey found that 83 percent of physicians have considered leaving their private practices over Obamacare. And really – how many doctors do you think have changed their minds since then?

And all that just scratches the surface of Obamacare’s flaws As it slowly unfolds, the prognosis for our country does not appear promising.



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