Bottom line

Skepticism of global warming is rising faster than the temperature.


Though President Obama this summer cynically mocked global warming skeptics as “a meeting of the flat-Earth society,” a new report called “Climate Change Reconsidered II: Physical Science” says human impact on the
climate is negligible. Moreover, warming adherents have to explain away a 15-year plateau in global temperatures.

Accordingly, a British report says flat-out dismissal of global warming there has quadrupled since 2005.

And if they want to call skeptics wacko, what about warming devotees who’ve made continued apocalyptic predictions – such as monster hurricane seasons every year?

And, as noted by the BBC, scientists in 2007 predicted “northern polar waters could be ice-free in summers” by 2013.

Oops. Arctic ice actually grew by 60 percent over the past year.

We don’t know who’s right. But the evidence isn’t nearly the slam dunk proponents put on.

We certainly hope the mixed messages don’t diminish our collective appetite for taking reasonable steps to reduce pollution.

But in the meantime, maybe the rhetoric ought to cool.



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